[Effects and Functions of Semi-Tech Lotus]_Benefits_Benefits


[Effects and Functions of Semi-Tech Lotus]_Benefits_Benefits

Scutellaria barbata is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. It is very unfamiliar to many friends who do not understand medicine, but for some Chinese medicine, it uses a lot of medicinal materials.It can be said that the effect is huge, it has the ability to regulate immunity, inhibit bacterial infection, and fight polypeptides. It can be said that Scutellaria barbata is already a very good Chinese herbal medicine. The following is a detailed introduction to the related aspectseffect?


The role of Scutellaria barbata

Bacteriostatic effect 50% decoction of Scutellaria barbata has the effect of inhibiting Staphylococcus aureus, dysentery f.

Dissolving and expectorant effect.

The safflorin contained in this product has a transformed anti-smooth muscle contraction effect caused by histamine, and has a better expectorant effect.

Fight against tumors.

Studies have shown that Scutellaria barbata extract has a growth inhibitory effect on many human tumor cells.

In the treatment of diabetes, breast cancer, digestive system cancer, leukemia and choriocarcinoma, there are reports of Scutellaria barbata extract.

The research team led by Dai Zhijun of Xi’an Jiaotong University School of Medicine studied the inhibitory effect of Scutellaria barbata, and explored the mechanism of metabolic antitumor activity in mouse liver cancer cell line H22.

They found that the inhibitory effect of Scutellaria barbata extract (ESB) on the proliferation of H22 cells was a time-dependent manner.

In multiple stages of the cell cycle, the proportion of cells in the S phase decreased significantly, while the proportion of cells in the G1 phase increased.

The results of flow cytometry also showed that ESB can promote cells.

Through transmission electron microscopy and fluorescence microscopy, typical cell morphologies can be observed, such as the accumulation and fragmentation of nucleic acids, which leads to shrinking cell membranes of cells.

For the further molecular mechanism of ESB induction, we found that the mitochondrial membrane potential in cells treated with ESB sharply decreased, and mitochondrial cytochrome C was released into the cytoplasm, showing a dose-reducing induction effect on Caspase-3 activity.

This can provide a new basis for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma implanted by Scutellaria barbata.

Currently, Scutellaria barbata is mainly used in combination with Hedyotis diffusa to prolong the survival of patients with bowel cancer.


Immune regulation.

The polysaccharide contained in this product can promote ConA-induced mouse splenocyte lymphocyte transformation in vitro, and its optimum concentration is 400r / ml.

Sc can significantly increase the percentage of esterase-positive cells in local blood lymphocytes of mice after 1 week, and promote DNCB-induced delayed-type allergies.

However, high-dose indicators (200mg / kg) can inhibit the thymus index of mice, and have no effect on the spleen index.

Alcohol preparations (200 mg / ml) are homogenized in rectal cancer, colon cancer and other cancer tissues taken from humans in tumor tissue culture fluid.

Anticancer effect; decoction has damaging effect on Hela cells isolated from cultured stable cholesterol strains.

The cell respirator method has an inhibition rate of more than 75% on leukemia cells.

Alcohol preparations inhibit the growth of transplanted mouse sarcoma S-180, Ehrlich ascites cancer, and brain tumor-22.


Step down.

Infusions have an antihypertensive effect on animals injected intravenously; they do not produce the same effect when given orally.



The ethylene extract of the infusion was diuretic by animal experiments.


Effect on blood vessels.

Baicalin compounds have increased cerebral blood flow, reduced cerebrovascular resistance, increased blood-brain barrier permeability, and counteracted platelet aggregation caused by adenosine diphosphate.


Other effects.

Inhibition of ATP production: Baicalin contained in this product can inhibit quinone indole-3-acetate oxidase and ATP production.
Inhibits the growth of larvae and enables the growth of Heliothiszea larvae.
Scutellaria barbata is a dry aerial part of the Labiaceae plant, and has functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and reducing swelling and pain.

Scutellaria barbata