[Can you eat double skin milk for weight loss]_ Slimming _ How effective


[Can you eat double skin milk for weight loss]_ Slimming _ How effective

Double skin milk is a very popular dessert. Many people like to eat double skin milk, but for people who want to lose weight, they often consider it before eating double skin milk. They are afraid of double skin milk.The instant is too high, making yourself lose weight.

In fact, if you really want to eat double skin milk and want to lose weight, then you may wish to prepare certain materials to make double skin milk yourself. After all, homemade double skin milk can be healthy and satisfying without sugar.

First, the material of weight loss skin milk: low-fat milk, eggs, sweet-scented osmanthus step 1: heating skim milk, put the heated milk aside to cool, let him build a layer of skin.

If you do n’t have skimmed milk, you can make it yourself. Just remove the top layer of milk after heating the milk. At this time, the aunt has already dropped a lot, and then reheat and cool it!

Step 2: While the milk is cooling, take an egg, just the egg white, and break.



It should be turned in a circle instead of hitting in the usual way. Minimize the generation of air bubbles, so that the finished product will be smooth and beautiful.

Step 3: Lift the corner of the milk skin, pour the milk into the egg liquid from the gap, and leave the milk skin in the bowl.

Step 4: Stir the egg mixture with milk, then pour the egg mixture into the bowl with milk skin.

Step 5: Wrap a plastic wrap so that water vapor does not damage the appearance of the finished product. Put it in a steamer and steam for 10 minutes.

OK, shake the bowl gently after 10 minutes, if it feels like a whole piece, step 6: open the lid to cover the plastic wrap and put it on the surface of the stewed milk with warm osmanthus.
Take it out in 3 minutes and finally, remember to let him cool for 5 minutes. Then the second layer of skin on the top will appear. This is the double skin milk. In this way, the sugar-free and low-fat delicious double skin milk will beCan you take it beautifully?
Second, what foods can lose weight?

1. Chestnuts fall is the season when chestnuts mature. In this season, chestnuts will appear in front of people.

Chestnuts are sweet and delicious, so they are a must-have snack for many dieters.

However, dieters are afraid to eat more because they are worried that the starch content in chestnuts is too high.

However, it is obvious to the weight-losser that chestnuts also have a certain function for throwing away the autumn leaves.

2, lotus root lotus root lotus weight is a kind of food that many dieters like in life, because this food tastes larger and more delicious, and has a certain effect on beauty and beauty, so everyone likes this food.

In fact, in addition to the beauty of lotus root, lotus root also has a very good effect on weight loss.

3. Sweet potatoes fall is a season when a lot of sweet potatoes mature. Therefore, in the autumn season, men do not prevent eating sweet potatoes as their staple food. As long as they persist, they can quickly build a slim and slender figure.

Don’t look at the sweet potatoes. It doesn’t look amazing. In fact, it has a good effect on throwing away a small amount, and it can make beauty-conscious dieters nourish and beauty.

4, eggs Everyone knows that eggs are a protein-rich food, so they can provide sufficient protein nutrition for the body.

And eggs are a common food in life, so many people will not delve into the other effects of eggs.

In fact, in addition to supplying important proteins to the human body, eggs can also achieve a certain weight-loss effect.

5. Carrots gradually expand after autumn, and the body will become very weak with the change of seasons. If you are not careful, you will easily let the virus invade and cause various diseases such as cold.

Therefore, at this time, it is best to eat more carrots.

Carrots can effectively enhance people’s immunity and escort their health.

And more importantly, carrots have a strong digestive effect, which can quickly and slightly excrete the body, so that you can easily create a slim body.